“Iranium” The Movie

Yes, But, However! – –

By John Romano

With all of the upheaval in the Middle East, the documentary “Iranium” is more salient than ever.  It examines Iran from the fall of the urbane and Westernized Shah to the current Muslim leadership’s thirst for nuclear weapons.  No other documentary goes so in depth into the why of Iran, not just the how.  For a country in the news as much as Iran is, there is not nearly enough general knowledge about it.  This documentary serves to correct this.

Referred to as Persia as recently as the 1930′s, the country of 74 million now calls itself the Islamic Republic of Iran, with all that implies.  It’s hard to underestimate Iran’s strategic primacy as an oil-producing country, and also as a tremendously important future chess piece in world politics, given its borders with Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the gulf states.

YBH! recommends you watch the nearly-60 minute film and judge for yourself.