Baha’i Arrested for Educating Children

Baha’is, accused of “promoting their faith in kindergartens” in Iran have been arrested.

They have also been accused of “weaving Baha’i views into children’s stories.”

Baha’is have long been persecuted and viewed as infidels in Iran. A believed 47 members of the Baha’i faith are currently in prison in Iran for their religious beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “Baha’i Arrested for Educating Children

  • If Iran can not tolerate other religions in this world, why should we tolerate them? We must stop their foolish and meaningless actions by educating them…..start with their Ambassadors at the United Nations

  • Sounds similar in some ways to the attitudes against religious view points being introduced by Christian school teachers to their students in America. I don’t think school should be the place for religious indoctrination, but arresting them is draconian to say the least. Once again Islam shows it’s intolerance and bigotry, the religion of peace that has shown no peace or good will toward man.

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