Iranian officials and 9/11

According to two defectors from Iran?s intelligence services, Iranian officials had ?foreknowledge viagra canada of the 9/11 attacks.? best software for graphic design career goal essay The defectors testified in a federal lawsuit in NY which seeks damages for 9/11 families from the Iranian government for its ?direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most[…]

The Iran – Al Qaeda Bond

A recently-released Congressional report alleges that Iran?s Al-Quds force, in addition to causing problems for the U.S. in Iraq, offers support to Al Qaeda. The report, which highlights the increasing strength of Iran-Al Qaeda ties, states that these ties were established to ?counter American influence in the Middle East and South Asia.? photoshop cs6 free[…]

UN to Indict Khamenei

The UN plans to indict Iran’s ?supreme leader? Ayatollah Khamenei with ordering the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. motion graphics software home based businesses This report came days after Hezbollah-affiliated ministers withdrew from the Lebanese cabinet led by Saad Hariri. The ministers withdrew as a result of Hariri?s cooperation with the[…]

Suicide Attack During Iran Mourning Ceremony

At least 38 Shiite Muslims were killed, and many more wounded today in a suicide attack near an Iranian mosque in the city of Chabahar. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by a Sunni rebel group. The bomb was detonated during an Ashura mourning ceremony, commemorating the prophet Muhammad’s grandson’s death. The commemoration is one[…]

Iranian Missiles in Venezuela

Iran has plans to bring missiles to Venezuela. According to the Nov. 25 edition of the German paper, Die Welt, Venezuela agreed in October, to let Iran establish a military base operated by both Iranian and Venezuelan missile officers, and soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Iran’s missiles are not-so-slowly getting closer to America’s borders…[…]