Innocent fun leads to government crackdown

Who hasn’t at some point in their life, enjoyed an innocent water fight – especially on a sweltering hot summer’s day?

That’s just what the youth of Tehran Iran thought would be fun to do as a way to let off steam – literally and metaphorically. Unfortunately, Iran’s leaders had other ideas and 17 of the participants were rounded up and arrested.

The event, which was coordinated on Facebook angered authorities because some of the women did not wear their Islamic headscarves in an appropriate manner and because the crowds were too large. The participants were also accused of using too much water from the taps in the park.

Chief commander of Tehran’s vice police, Gen. Ahmad Roozbehani, reportedly vowed on state TV that the detainees will face harsh punishment for “breaking norms.”

Students are now preparing to once again take on the theocratic regime by organizing another water fight this weekend, and could set off a ripple effect of other water fights in the future.

Could an innocent water pistol be the catalyst for a new Iranian revolution? Time will tell.

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