A Recipe for Peace?

The Iranian viagra price Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, said Tuesday that he hopes for ?an imminent rapprochement? between what he called the ?two pillars of the Muslim world,? Iran and Egypt. In an international conference on the ?Islamic awakening? in Tehran, Salehi noted that strengthened bonds between the two countries would bring ?regional peace,[…]

The Islamic Spring

The head of the Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon said that the popular uprisings across the Arab World are inspired by Islam and the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. computer imaging software He said he prefers to call them ?Islamic Revolutions? rather than the “Arab Spring,” as there is a large religious component to these[…]

Iranians inspired by Egypt protests

The protests in Egypt have led the opposition in Iran to regroup. On Sunday, the main student activist website, Daneshjoo News, called for a large opposition demonstration on February 12, the anniversary of the start of Khomeini?s rule. Bloggers also are calling on opposition leaders to rejoin the protests. “The democracy movement we started is[…]