Iranian Women Activists Fight Controversial ‘Polygamy’ Bill

An Iranian government bill which has been sitting on the back-burner of legislation for  years has resurfaced and if passed through parliament and enacted will only further impinge on women’s rights in Iran – a country which already regards women as second class citizens. how to increase penile size The Iranian government calls it the[…]

U.S. to Launch “Virtual” Embassy in Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has announced that the United States intends to launch a “virtual embassy” in Iran by the end of the year. The Internet-based embassy will aim to reach out to Iranians hoping to broaden their understanding of the United States. penis growth guide The “embassy” also hopes to inform Iranians[…]

After 20 Years, Iran Finally To Be Reviewed by UN Human Rights Committee

Not that we should be all that surprised at the woeful inadequacy of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, but it’s taken them close to 20 years to review the appalling human rights record of Iran. That’s right – Iran was last reviewed by the committee in 1993 when its experts condemned “the extremely high[…]

Iran’s Top Politicians Embroiled in Massive Corruption Case

As internal political tensions continue to grow, Iran is once again in the international spotlight as details of a massive embezzlement scandal are emerging. The head of the country’s judicial investigation unit called it “the most unprecedented financial corruption case in the history of Iran.” $2.6 billion believed to have been defrauded from several Iranian[…]

Big Brother Iran

Google has warned users in Iran to “secure their accounts” following an unidentified hacker who generated fake website verification certificates that may have allowed the Iranian government to spy on its citizens – including dissidents – by intercepting communications. The company highlighted five separate steps, beginning with changing passwords and verifying account recovery options to[…]

Water gun fights in Iran are back

The youth of Iran have invented their own unique version of the “flash mob” – they douse each other with water pistols in public spaces. What most of the world would view as harmless, innocent fun (not to mention a great way to stay cool during summer!) the Iranian police see as reckless civil disobedience.[…]

Iranians boycott electricity bills

Fed up with the soaring cost of living, the Iranian people are hitting back with a silent, and so far highly under-reported protest by refusing to pay their utility bills. best college essay As temperatures soar, the Iranian government is so far keeping the lights on and the air-conditioning running, despite suggestions that vast numbers of[…]

Jihadists capitalize on UK Riots

A new and disturbing element to come out of the U.K. riots are the Jihadists who are taking advantage of the anarchy and using militant online forums to encourage rioters to “topple the government”. Dozens of contributors have suggested Muslims in Britain should flood social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, inciting the British youth[…]

The Ultimate Irony

In what is surely one of the most blatant ironies to hit the headlines in a while, Iran’s leaders called yesterday upon Britain to show “restraint” with the rioters and looters cialis buy currently rampaging across London. how to increase penis length critical lens essay The Iranian Foreign Ministry also called for the British government[…]