The Deception Continues

Iran’s leaders once again employ tactics of deception by announcing they are prepared to work toward resolving the regime’s nuclear dispute with the West. Iranian President Ahmadinejad said Iran would take steps to resolve the issue in return for steps taken by the international community. Yet these comments come just days after the Iran nuclear[…]

Iran Condemns U.S. Actions

The Iranian ambassador to the UN has criticized the U.S. for adopting new unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic. The ambassador said these sanctions seriously violated America’s obligations under international law on the non-applicability of sanctions against civilians. These online pharmacy remarks were made in a letter to Un Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on June[…]

Venezuela Getting in the Way of Sanctions

After a pause of 2 years, Venezuela will resume gasoline shipments to Iran. The Energy Intelligence Group reports that the shipments are a “gesture of goodwill” from Venezuela after American and free cialis European sanctions have restricted fuel imports to Iran. buy microsoft office 2013 Read more here.