The Iran – Al Qaeda Bond

A recently-released Congressional report alleges that Iran?s Al-Quds force, in addition to causing problems for the U.S. in Iraq, offers support to Al Qaeda.

The report, which highlights the increasing strength of Iran-Al Qaeda ties, states that these ties were established to ?counter American influence in the Middle East and South Asia.?

Through this relationship, there is a good chance

the Islamic Republic will help Al Qaeda mobilize terrorists to attack U.S. interests.

So it seems the death of Bin Laden may not have very much impact?

2 thoughts on “The Iran – Al Qaeda Bond

  • Everything begins and ends with consciousness. At least the oppression in the east is direct and upfront. At least this enables it to be seen for what it is and dealt with head on. This is unlike in the west, where the oppressed are so unconscious they have no idea how much their freedom is restricted and controlled by corporations using debt and consumption at all levels. Some are so deluded by the mythology of the self made man that they even cheer their oppressors. No man is an island.

    However, with eyes wide open we will all shatter the insecurity that fuels the need to control, and then we will all be truly free.

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