The Ultimate Irony

In what is surely one of the most blatant ironies to hit the headlines in a while, Iran’s leaders called yesterday upon Britain to show “restraint” with the rioters and looters

currently rampaging across London.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also called for the British government to open a “dialogue” with demonstrators and for human rights groups to investigate the behavior of the London police.

Yes, the same Iran that just arrested 17 kids for having some fun with water pistols in Tehran last week. The same Iran who has the second highest rate of executions in the world (after China) and who has so far this year executed more people than it did in all of 2010. And yes, the same Iran that rigged a presidential election so as to ensure the continuance in power of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and then launched a brutal crackdown against demonstrators who took to the streets of Tehran in protest.

As one of the world’s most brutal and repressive regimes,  and one with a record of blatant human rights violations, it is the height of hypocrisy that Iran believes it has the right to play the role of the ‘moral watchdog’ with Britain.